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We work with a variety of demographics for a wide range of concerns. Services span from depression and grief counseling, to parenting support, couples counseling and beyond. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of our clients' individual needs to help attain the personal growth they're striving for.

Below are just some of the demographics and concerns we work with.

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Adults with ADHD

Were you diagnosed later in life? Many tricks can help you manage, with or without medication. There is so much to learn about ourselves, and once we know this diagnosis in particular, it helps us understand ourselves in a way we were never able to before.


Couples Counseling

Married, dating, premarital - whatever your situation is, sometimes you just need help. Learning to communicate, resolve conflict, and understand your partner is the goal. I have even worked with infidelity issues. It can be a difficult road, but one well worth it.

In addition, if you would prefer a joint counseling/coaching session, I sometimes work with a relationship coach. The benefit here is that you get both the male and female perspectives, plus two trained professionals to help you through what may be one of the most difficult times in your relationship.


Kink Care

Many people are involved in kink, and many therapists are uncomfortable with it, or simply haven't tried to understand it. Often they will not talk about sex at all in a session, when it can be such a huge part of our life and the way we interact with our partners. This leaves some relationships within the kink umbrella vulnerable and without support from qualified therapists.

Many therapists simply misunderstand the dynamics involved. Some think it's purely a response to trauma. Some think even worse. But studies don't support the common misperceptions around kink. I follow Justin Lehmiller, one of the current sex researchers and educators, who is one in a long line of researchers and therapists like Kinsey, Shere Hite, Master's & Johnson, Dr Sue Johanssen, and Dr Ruth.


Geek Therapy

What does THAT mean?! Well, what's your fandom? Doctor Who? Tolkien? DC or Marvel? Showtunes? English Gothic Literature? Tabletop RPGs?

Many self-described 'geeks' often don't feel understood or welcome in their own social groups. There is so much psychology woven in to pop culture and so many lessons to be learned. Many of us are invested in our fandoms and if we're being honest, it is easier to absorb lessons when filtered through the lens of our fandoms. I will happily sit and speak with you about your life situations and discuss your fandoms. I may challenge you to find a character you relate heavily to, or find a new character or story arc that reflects your situation. We may do fanfic to help you journal things. You may even see me at ComicCon or your favorite comic book shop or gaming store.

Check out the videos on my YouTube channel. This list is still growing, so be patient, as there aren't many geeky ones produced just yet. If Rothfuss fans can wait 7+ years for him to complete his trilogy, you can be patient in other areas!

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